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Advantages of being a fully paid up forum member

Have a look here for news of any special offers, news or events at Ess and Emm

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Just to let everyone know Ess and Emm are now making this part of the forum visible to everyone.

As most of you will already know the forum was started off with great caution, members privacy is of paramount importance.

As time has gone on Ess and Emm have realised that members privacy can be protected whilst allowing a wider audience to actually read what has been written, hence why all sections of the forum are now visible without a password.

Every forum member has the option to become a fully paid up member of the forum, for a small charge you will have one years membership, this will allow you to enjoy the special rates and discounts that you will see offered from time to time in this section. If you read some of the members posts about this then it offers you some great price advantages. In order to qualify for the discount you must be both a paid up forum member AND have visited Ess and Emm and paid the normal rate.

To enter any of the competitions that are on here then you can as a forum member (for these you don't have to be a fully paid up member) Most competitions will require you to have posted on the forum and to have participated in its content.

Please note that the administrators at Ess and Emm are very selective as to who they allow as a forum member. If you are from the Eastern Block then its unlikely that you will become a member. If you are using a TOR service to access the forum, then again its unlikely.

Genuine members are always welcome

Competitions are open to any forum members


Miss D

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